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Aghnacor (Co. Cavan)battle; local hostility death of Matha son of Gilla Isa O Raighilligh, king of Breifne and some galloglasses; Mac Samradain and Mac Dorchaid were wounded. Political Conflict
Ballyshannon - Ath-seanaigh Seoan O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, Eogan (mac Suibhne) Connachtach, Toirrdelbach Mac Suibne taken prisoners by the son of O Conchobhair Political Conflict
outside the house of Ruadhri O ConchobhairTadc son of Ruaidri son of Cathal Ruad O Conchobair, who was called Bratach Righin, was taken prisoner by Tomas Mag Samradain and many of his followers were killed. Mag Samradain went to O Conchobair's house the same year, and as he was coming away the Clan Murtagh and the Muinter Eolais, and 'the muster of Breifni, both Foreigner and Galloglass', assembled to intercept him. (AU, 1335 [1338], p. 461) Tomas Mag Samradain was taken prisoner and many of his people were killed Political Conflict

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Name of Individual Family's Place of Origin Sobriquet / Epithet / Diminitive DOB / DOD / Floruit
Many Other Galloglasses - Galloclaech Imeda AiliIslay, Scotland
Maolmhuire An Sparain Mac SuibhneCastlesween, Knapdale, Kintyre, Scotland Maolmhuire an Sparain - 'Maolmhuire of the purse'; 'yellow haired descendant of Buirrche' (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne)
Some Galloglasses DOD:1304

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