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battle of Cavan CastleGerald, earl of Kildare led an army against Aodh son of Cathal O Raigillig Gerald, earl of Kildare broke down Cavan Castle and defeated and killed O Raigillig and a great many of his men including Mac Caba. Political Conflict
MeathClann Caba went on an attack into Meath Lochlainn mac Caba and Mathgamain Mac Caba were killed. Tomas Oc O Raigillig was struck in the leg by a javelin and was 'lame from that time' (AC, 1314.9) Raid

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Name of Individual Family's Place of Origin Sobriquet / Epithet / Diminitive DOB / DOD / Floruit
Clann CabaWestern Isles, Scotland
heir of Clann Suibhne oigri Chlainni SubneCastlesween, Knapdale, Kintyre, Scotland DOD: 1305
Lochlainn Colach mac CabaWestern Isles, Scotland DOD: 1413
Mac Burrce, captain/head of the galloglasses of the country - cenn galloclaech DOD: 1305
Mac CabaWestern Isles, Scotland DOD: 1513
Many Other Galloglasses - Galloclaech Imeda AiliIslay, Scotland
Mathgamain mac CabaWestern Isles, Scotland DOD: 1413
Some Galloglasses DOD:1304
Somhairle, son of Eoghan Dub mac Domhnaill 'the black', high constable of the Fifth of Ulster - Ardconstapla Coicid UladIslay, Scotland Somuirle of the sharp-pointed spears (AU, 1362 [1365], p. 521] DOD: 1365

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