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Name of Battle / Encounter Cause Result Classification
Baile-tobair-Brighde (Balintober, co. Roscommon) Johnock mac Uibhilin killed the Gruelach 'and himself was killed [immediately] therefor. And it is with the short [handled] axe wherewith he killed Aodh Ua Conchobhair the Brefnian, he was killed himself'
murdertreachery and deceit for a price Aodh Ua Conchobhair the Brefnian, worthy heir of the arch-king of Connacht and the son of a king the best that came from Murchadh, son of Brian (Boruma), downwards, was killed by Johnock mac Uibhilin: that is a mercenary that was kept by himself [as a bodyguard] murder

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Name of Individual Family's Place of Origin Sobriquet / Epithet / Diminitive DOB / DOD / Floruit
Johnock mac Uibhilin DOD: 1311

2 Source(s)

Title Date Literary Genre Name Of Individual Mentioned
AU, 1307/11, p.421 Annal Johnock mac Uibhilin (AU, 1307/11, p.421)
AU, 1306/10, p. 417 Annal Johnock mac Uibhilin (AC, 1310, AU, 1306/10, p. 417, AU, 1307/11, p.421)