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Encounter between the forces of O Neill and O Domhnaill, who were returning laden with spoils from a hosting into Meath, and the forces of the justiciar, Lord Leonard, at Belahoe Orielhosting made by O Neill and O Domhnaill into Meath and destruction and plundering enacted there Although fleeing in disorder, the O Neill and O Domhnaill party 'lost no men of great distinction' besides Maolmhuire Mergech son of Eoghan Ruardh mac Suibhne (AC, p.713) Conflict Between Irish Forces And English Forces In Ireland

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Name of Individual Family's Place of Origin Sobriquet / Epithet / Diminitive DOB / DOD / Floruit
Maolmhuire Mergech son of Eoghan Ruardh mac SuibhneCastlesween, Knapdale, Kintyre, Scotland DOD: 1539

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