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O Breislein's house in Dun an ChairbrighEoin and Mac Gofradha were engaged in a trip to Ireland in pursuit of pleasre and ship timber. O Breislein invited Eoin and friends to his house where ""they were billeted over all the land"" (Leabhar Chlainn Suibhne, p. 11) and attempted to treacherously murder all their party. Eoin mac Suibhne and followers left for Scotland and went to get the timber they had sailed to O Breisleins house with. 'MacGofradha cast a magic mist over [the timber they had sailed from Scotland with], so that no one might discover it till they came back to it again. But since he was slain, that timber was never found. And it is the famous wood wherin Clann Suibhne are fated to sail to Scotland at some future date.' (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne) Political Conflict
rout of Crann Cuillmin in Fanad, IrelandAfter being exiled from Scotland, Eoghan sailed to Fanad to avenge the insult caused to himself and his foster-father, Mac Gofradha by the O Breisleins Political Conflict

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