Battles / Events in or relating to Doire Baile na Cairrge (1)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Doire Baile na Cairrge1473 The posterity of Maelsechlainn were defeated but Fergal son of Murchad mag Raghnaill; Diarmait son of Uilliam mag Raghnaill; Cathal son of Uaithne son of Murchad mag Raghnaill; Brian son of Diarmait mag Raghnaill; Brian mac Senlaich; Risderd mac Serraig and many others gentle and simple were killed there. The posterity of Maelsechlainn assembled a large force at the Tolach (see AC, p. 567, note 4) which they burnt. Mag Raghnaill came upon them and the two armies met at Doire Baile na Cairrge.