Battles / Events in or relating to Ballintober (2)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Baile-tobair-Brighde (Balintober, co. Roscommon)1311 Johnock mac Uibhilin killed the Gruelach 'and himself was killed [immediately] therefor. And it is with the short [handled] axe wherewith he killed Aodh Ua Conchobhair the Brefnian, he was killed himself'
midst of Sil Murray and the rest of Connacht1315 1.Penetrated into midst of Sil Murray and rest of Connacht, burning town of Sligo, Ballymote, great castle of Kilcolman, Ballintober, Dunamon and castle, Roscommon, Randoon, Athlone and all homes that lay on his route 2. Demanded recognition of his dominion internecine coup; succession struggle