Battles / Events in or relating to Murbhach - Murvagh (3)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
From the camp at Dun Cionnfhaolaidh 'Dunkineely' to the flight from the camp Toirrdhealbhach an Fhiona captured Mac Suibhne's son, Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh, brought him in custody to a place called Murbhach and by this Toirdhealbhach an Fhion greatly extended his power to the east of Bearnas Mor. Toirrdhealbhach an Fhiona took the opportunity of the absence of the descendants of Sean O Domhnaill and Toirrdhealbhach Caoch mac Suibhne (in Derry) to invade the creaght over which Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh was guarding. When Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh pursued the looters conflict ensued.
Murbhach Toirdhealbhach Ruadh was set free: his fetters were removed and his demands for a Kin's dress for himself and his followers for a bodyguard were granted in full. Argument/conflict of opinion: Toirdhealbhach Ruadh told Toirdhealbhach an Fhiona thatwas he free, Toirdhealbhach an Fhiona would not be as powerful as he was.
Tirhugh, its corn and hay and buildings, from Ath na nGall to Ballyshannon and O Domhnaill's stronghold at Murbach (AC, 1419, p. 443, par. 3)1419 Tirhugh (its corn and hay and buildings) were destroyed from Ath na nGall to Ballyshannon and O Domhnaill's stronghold, Murbach, was burnt hosting by Brian O Conchobhair and the whole of North Connacht