Battles / Events in or relating to Baile Atha Daire - Ballyarr (2)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
From Fearsat Mhor to Beal Atha Daire (Ballyarr near Rathmelton, Co. Donegal) death of Toirrdhealbhach mac Suibhne and the champion, Radharc-breaghach; banishment of Mac Suibhnes from Fanad Violation of Toirrdhealbhach's surety
Lough Swilly, Ireland Murchadh Mear conquered the middle third of Inis Eoghain, Fanad, Ros Guill, O Maolgaoithe's tuath, and the two tuaths of Tir Baghuine. These lands have been occupied by Mac Suibhnes from then on, save the middle third of Inis Eoghain. After the battle of Sruibhshliabh, Murchadh Mear set out to avenge his brethern and kinsfolk in Ireland who had been banished from Fanad with the defeat and death of Toirdhealbhach at the battle of Beal Atha Daire.