Battles / Events in or relating to Lifford (2)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Portnatrynod1524 Calbach son of Bran son of Tadhg O Broin was killed by Magnus O Domhnaill and the party of Scots On the night before a promised battle beteen the justicar and O Neill on the one hand, and O Domhnaill on the other, Magnus O Domhnaill with a party of Scots went shooting arrows at the army of Galls in O Neill's camp
Lifford Castle and surrounding area1543 death of Dubaltach son of Colla mac Suibhne and the descendants of Aodh O Gallchobhair Cathair son of Tuathal O Gallchobhair; the descendants of Aodh O Gallchobhair seized Lifford Castle which had been left in their guardianship by O Domhnaill