Battles / Events in or relating to barony of Boyle (7)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Raid of Moylurg1315 Cattle and corn were snatched from the altar in Moylurg and given to galloglasses for the wages due to them raid for booty for galloglasses wages
Moylurg, 13671367 The Clann Murtagh burnt the stronghold of Aodh mac Diarmata resulting in battle between the Clann Murtagh on one side and Aodh mac Diarmata and Fergal mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg on the other. The Clann Murtagh migrated into Mag Nisi and made an expedition an expedition into Moylurg
the Island of Trinity1369 Jenkin, son of Cormac O Ferghail; Mael Sechlainn, Ferghus, son of Cormac O Ferghail; Feidhlimidh, son of Aodh O Conchobhair of the Quill; Donn mac Canrubha; and Sitric mac-in-Maghistir of the nose were killed
Moylurg, 13851385 Mac Donnchada and Tigernan Mor O Ruairc with their company of galloglasses burnt the stronghold of Mac Diarmata and the whole district, killed the son of Seoan O hEgra and captured his brother Mac Donnchada and Tigernan O Ruairc and their galloglasses invaded Moylurg
raid and battle1405 Mac Diarmata and his allies managed to defeat this mingled host of enemies at the beginning of the day - (AC, 1405, p. 395, par. 15). However, an arrow shot was sent from the opposing army and shot through the worthless rabble-rout and mean folk and the Tadc mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg made an expedition to Airtech to demand dues and was met by an excessive body of foes - (AC, 1405, p. 393, par. 15) that included O Conchobhair Donn; the posterity of Muirchertach Muimnech O Conchobhair; sons of Fergal mac Diarmata; people of Airtech; clann Ceithernaig; clann Conchobhair
Political conflict1405 Tadgh Mac Diarmata was shot with an arrow and died shortly after
Imaire Uarain1468 A good many were killed on both sides and Feidhlimid Finn's prey as well as (or except?- AC p. 544 note 1) his horses were taken from him Feidhlimid Finn was taking preys from Moylurg to Killaraght when he was opposed by Edmund son of William and his army at Imaire Uarain