Battles / Events in or relating to Ballina (4)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
murder of Ruaidhri s. Domhnaill O Conchobhair after the battle of Castleconor in Carbury1316 Ruaidhri O Conchobhair was murdered by a band of galloglasses hired by Derbforgaill daughter of Magnus O Conchobhair and the chief families of Carbury were extensively plundered by the Cenel Conaill. After a pretence of peace between Ruaidhri s. Domhnaill O Conchobhair and Aodh O Domhnaill (and the Cenel Conaill), O Conchobhair yielded the lordship of Carbury to O Domhnaill. But Derbforgaill daughter of Magnus O Conchobhair hired a band of galloglasses and gave them a reward for killing Ruaidhri son of Domhnall O Conchobhair; so by them he was killed, in violation of oaths sworn to him previously on the relics of Tirconnell. - ( AC 1316, paragraph 2)
Forces of Airgialla, Others and Aodh O Neill1358 Great defeat was inflicted on the Airgialla and the Fir Manach by Aodh O Neill
Crossmacrin1467 many of the forces 'for' were killed interprovincial rivalry
Tir Conaill1522 O Neill with his supporters and army came into Tir Conaill and took Ballyshannon Castle and burnt Belleek and Bundrowes before departing safely. war between Conn Bacach O Domhnaill, king of Tir Eoghain and Aodh Dubh, king of Tir Conaill