Battles / Events in or relating to Ballyshannon (7)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Circuit of Leath Chuinn friendship
Ballyshannon1247 The opponents pillaged and plundered the whole territory and left behind Ruaidhri O Canannain as king of Cenel Conaill. Geraldine expansion into Cenel Conaill
Ballyshannon - Ath-seanaigh1359 Seoan O Dochurtaig, chieftain of Ardmire, Eogan (mac Suibhne) Connachtach, Toirrdelbach Mac Suibne taken prisoners by the son of O Conchobhair
Assaroe1388 many of O Domhnaill's party were killed or taken captive Muirchertach son of Domhnall O Conchobhair attacked the stronghold of O Domhnaill at Assaroe
Tirhugh, its corn and hay and buildings, from Ath na nGall to Ballyshannon and O Domhnaill's stronghold at Murbach (AC, 1419, p. 443, par. 3)1419 Tirhugh (its corn and hay and buildings) were destroyed from Ath na nGall to Ballyshannon and O Domhnaill's stronghold, Murbach, was burnt hosting by Brian O Conchobhair and the whole of North Connacht
Ballyshannon Castle1522 Brian of the Fleet Mac Suibhne, Diarmait and the son of Tadhg Cam O Cleirig, Aodh Mac an Bhaird and others were killed by O'Neill's army in Ballyshannon castle battle with Conn Bacach O Neill's army
lower Connacht: several skirmishes from Ballyshannon to a camp 'between the Duff and the Drowes' to Fersad Randa in Liagain to Cuil Irra (Sligo)1536 unsuccessful: 'O Dom[h]naill returned home having obtained no submission or honour from his nobles of lower Connacht this time' (AC, p.697, par. 19) War between O Domhnaill and the nobles of lower Connacht