Battles / Events in or relating to Roscommon-Sligo (2)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
hosting to provision a castle The people from Connacht north of the Curlieus expected that the men of Clanrickard would help them provision the castle but only Mac William with a small body of horse came as far as Ballintober to meet them - (AC, 1409, p. 405, par. 7). Thus the hosting army came close to retreating but Conchobhar mac Donnchada, king of Tirerrill refused to leave until he had provisioned the castle or perished doing so. So the hosting party reached Roscommon and provisioned the castle losing only one warrior. Brian son of Domhnall, son of Muirchertach O Domhnaill; Conchobhar mac Donnchada, king of Tirerril and the sons of Tigernan O Ruairc made a hosting but in an attempt to place supplies in the Castle of Roscommon they were challenged by all the men of Connacht
Expedition by O Domhnaill and army1544 'O Domhnaill received pledges and hostages from the territories he and his army passed through and returned safely from this hosting' (AC, p. 717, par. 10)