Battles / Events in or relating to Meath (6)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
the battle of Gairbh-Eiscir (Bealach na gCorrghad)
Circuit of Leath Chuinn friendship
midst of Sil Murray and the rest of Connacht1315 1.Penetrated into midst of Sil Murray and rest of Connacht, burning town of Sligo, Ballymote, great castle of Kilcolman, Ballintober, Dunamon and castle, Roscommon, Randoon, Athlone and all homes that lay on his route 2. Demanded recognition of his dominion internecine coup; succession struggle
raid1471 Uaithne son of Mag Eochachain and the son of Niall mac in tSinnaig and two galloglasses were killed. the sons of O Conchobhair Failgi took a prey from the Cenel Fiachach
Encounter between the forces of O Neill and O Domhnaill, who were returning laden with spoils from a hosting into Meath, and the forces of the justiciar, Lord Leonard, at Belahoe Oriel1539 Although fleeing in disorder, the O Neill and O Domhnaill party 'lost no men of great distinction' besides Maolmhuire Mergech son of Eoghan Ruardh mac Suibhne (AC, p.713) hosting made by O Neill and O Domhnaill into Meath and destruction and plundering enacted there
Hosting made by O Domhnaill and his army into Fermanagh and Breifne and the Curlieus1540 'O Domhnaill received pledges and hostages from the territories he and his army passed through and returned safely from this hosting' (AC, p. 717, par. 10) Expedition by O Domhnaill and army