Battles / Events in or relating to Galway (6)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
Ceann Maghair Atha O Domhnaill heard of Eoghan mac Suibhne's illness and joined forces with O Neill to attack mac Suibhne. They dispatched messengers to Mac Suibhne to find out how sick he was, to conclude a peace with him if he was better and to proclaim war on him if he was not.
Clanrickard - from Slieve Aughty to Killogilleen and Bel Atha Lige1419 At Killogilleen and Bel Atha Lige the army of Uilliam son of Maelsechlainn O Ceallaigh were attacked by Ulick son of Richard Macwilliam of Clanrickard and his followers; Tadc O Briain, Mathgamain O Briain, the Clann Cuilein, the sons of O hAnrathain's daughter Uilliam son of Maelsechlainn O Ceallaigh assembled a force of nobles and great lords to join Raymond son of Hubert Burke and his men to make war on Clanrickard. The hosting moved southwestwards to Slieve Aughty but Raymond son of Hubert Burke did not join them as promised.
Crossmacrin1467 many of the forces 'for' were killed interprovincial rivalry
Baile an Chlair 'Clare-Galway' in Clanrickard [1469?]1469
battle of Beal Atha Glanoige [1469]1469
battle in Tir Maine (in Ifernnach)1521 Tadhg Buidhe O Conchobhair Ruadh was taken prisoner; Maelsechlainn O Ceallaigh and his son Tadhg were killed as was Donnchadh mac Dubhghaill and his son Alustrann was taken prisoner along with many more. Tadhg Buidhe son of Cathal Ruadh O Conchobhair Ruadh, Maelsechlainn son of Uilliam O Ceallaigh, Tadhg O Ceallaigh, Alustrann mac Dubhghaill and Donnchadh son of Toirdhealbhach mac Dubhghaill attacked the descendants of Donnchadh O Ceallaigh and seized preys but were defeated by the forces of the descendants of Donnchadh O Ceallaigh in Ifernnach.