Battles / Events in or relating to Antrim (16)

Name / Location Date Cause Result
The Christmas feast in Gallach - Gallagh
The famous battle of Sgirid Arcain 'Skirry'
Battle of Dun na bhFraoch
Battle of the Abha Chorcra Crimson River
Battle of Clochan Salach
Circuit of Leath Chuinn friendship
The famous battle at Sliabh Mis - Slemish
battle in the plain of Sliabh Fhuadh
journey to Scotland from Ulster1413 The fleet was driven northwards (with Scotland on their right hand) and 6 ships were sunk with all on board. Tuathal O Maille went to Ulster as a mercenary soldier and spent a year there. He was on his way home about Colum Cille's day with 7 ships full of his people when he was caught in a storm of the western sea.
battle in 14681468 Oengus son of Alexander mac Domhnaill and the son of Robert Savage, lord of Lecale were killed and Muirchertach Ruadh O Neill, lord of Clannaboy, was taken prisoner by Conn son of Aodh Buide O Neill at Benn Uama unclear
invasion1513 The son of Art O Neill, Aodh O Neill, was killed when O Neill Buidhe and Mac Uigilin caught up with him. When the rest of the army of Art O Neill met O Neill Buidhe and Mac Uigilin the next day, Mac Uigilin was killed along with a great many Scots. Art O Neill, king of Tir Eoghain, led an army into trian Congail (Co. Antrim), burnt Mag Line (Co. Antrim) and plundered the Glens of Antrim before the son of Niall mac Cuinn O Neill Buidhe and Risderd mac Uigilin caught up with him.
siege1527 The siege engine was broken by Tuathal Ruadh son of Conn and the garrison defending the castle but the castle fell because 'the wrecker of every plan, the feller of every fastness, the attack that cannot be withstood, namely Hunger, arrived and forced them to surrender to it. Besieging Of Castlereagh By The Forces For With A Sow
Encounter between the Fahies of O Cathain and Mac Uigilin near the river Bann1542 Mac Uigilin and the son of O Domhnaill 'barely made good their escape' (AC, p. 725) suffering many casualties. raiding expedition initiated by Mac Uigilin against O Cathain and O Cathain's subsequent pursuit of Mac Uigilin
Rathlin Island1542 all the crew bar the son of O Flaithbheartaigh (whom Toirdhealbhach son of Mac Suibhne protected) were killed crew of a ship from west Connacht come to 'seize aprey' in Tir Conaill
lower Connacht1542 the nobles of lower Connacht came to Mac Williams of Clanrichard and he took them prisoner: O Dubda, Mac Donnchada of Corran, Maolmhuire and some of the Clann Suibhne Connachtach such as Maolmhuire son of Colla Mac Suibhne who died in the residence of Mac William of Clanrichard expedition of Ulick 'na Cenn' son of Richard Mac William of Clanrichard and David son of Ulick Mac Williams Burgh and army into lower Connacht
lower Connacht1542 Maolmhuire son of Eoghan mac Suibhne Connachtach was killed by the son of Maolmhuire son of Colla mac Suibhne Connachtach as he was 'convoying' the sons of O Dubdha unclear