Source Name / Title: AU, 1368.1 [1372], p

Title / NameAU, 1368.1 [1372], p
Date Of Surviving Source
Likely Date Of Original Source
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude factual
Length Of Reference
Number Of References in Source
KeywordsBrian Mor mag Mathgamna, high-king of Oriel; galloglasses; Gaels; Ireland; galloglasses; treachery
Name Of Individual Mentionedone of the galloglasses of Brian mor mag Mathgamna, high-king of Oriel (AC, 1372.2, p. 341, par. 2); (AU, 1368.1 [1372], p?) - galloclach (AC, 1372.2), galloglach (AU, 1368.1)