Source Name / Title: AU, 1364 [1367], p. 529

Title / NameAU, 1364 [1367], p. 529
Date Of Surviving Source
Likely Date Of Original Source
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude factual
Length Of Reference19 lines; 4 sentences
Number Of References in Source
KeywordsClann Murtagh; Mag Nisi; expedition; Moylurg; Tadc son of Ruaidhri O Conchobhair; Fergal mag Tigernain, chieftain of Tullyhunco; Diarmait mag Raghnaill, chieftain of the Muinter Eolais; galloglasses; stronghold; Aodh mac Diarmata; Fergal mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg; battle; migratory incursion; muster of Gaidhil; attack of cavalry; cavalry
Name Of Individual Mentionedgalloglasses of the Clann Murtagh (AC, 1367, p. 331, par. 5; AU, 1364 [1367], p. 529) - galloclaich