Source Name / Title: AU 1339 [1342], p. 467

Title / NameAU 1339 [1342], p. 467
Date Of Surviving Source
Likely Date Of Original Source
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude sees that treachery was practised on the Clann-William de Burgh, through instigation of O Conchobhair
Length Of Reference20 lines; 6 sentences
Number Of References in Source
KeywordsToirdhealbhach O Conchobhair, king of Connacht; Conchobhar MacDiarmata, king of Moylurg; Edmund Burke; Aodh son of Feidhlim O Conchobhair; Donnchad O Birn, chieftain of Tir Briuin na Sinna; Muinter Birn; Hobert Burke; Church of Elphin; galloglasses; MacRuaidhri; Constable; Connacht; Clann Murtagh; Aodh son of Aodh Breifnach O Conchobhair; Cathal son of Aodh Breifnach O Conchobhair; Tadc son of Ruaidhhri O Conchobhair; treachery; Clann William de Burgh; pledge; constable; great war
Name Of Individual MentionedMac Ruaidhri, constable of Toirdhealbhach O Conchobhair's galloglasses (AC, 1342, par. 3, p. 287; AU 1339 [1342], p. 467)