Source Name / Title: AC, 1544, p. 737, par. 15

Title / NameAC, 1544, p. 737, par. 15
Date Of Surviving Sourcecontemporary
Likely Date Of Original Sourcecontemporary
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude detailed
Reliabilityvery - But a difficult entry further confused by the abbreviated writing of the names (see AC, pp. 736-7, notes 2 and 3)
Length Of Reference2 sentences; 11 lines
Number Of References in Source16 for 1544
Keywordssons of Mac Suibhne na Tuath; castle; sons of Murchadh Mac Suibhne; Brian Mac Suibhne (son of Eoghan Mor mac Suibhne); Eoghan Mor mac Suibhne na Tuath; Eoghan Og mac Suibhne na Tuath; Toirdhealbhach son of Murchadh mac Suibhne; chieftain; sons of Donnchadh mac Suibhne; guise; lordship; Brian mac Suiibhne (son of Domhnaill mac Suibhne na Tuath?)
Name Of Individual Mentionedsons of Murchadh Mor mac Suibhne (no 238) (AC, 1544, p. 737, par. 15)