Source Name / Title: AC, 1542, p. 725, par. 11

Title / NameAC, 1542, p. 725, par. 11
Date Of Surviving Sourcecontemporary
Likely Date Of Original Sourcecontemporary
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude negative towards the deception of the Clann Suibhne; positive towards Clann Suibhne
Length Of Reference5 sentences, 18 lines
Number Of References in Source22 for 1542
KeywordsMac Uighilin; Clann Suihbne; service; mercenaries; buannacht; descendants of Ruairdhri mac Suibhne; son of Donnchadh son of Mac Suibhne na dTuath; son of Murchadh mac Suibhne; son of Mac Suibhne of Tir Boghaine; agreement; son of Mac Domhnaill; Scots; followers of Mac Uighilin; galloglasses; galloclaich
Name Of Individual Mentionedson of Mac Domhnaill (AC, 1542, p. 725, par. 11)