Source Name / Title: AU, 1397.2 [1397], Vol 11, pp. 33-35

Title / NameAU, 1397.2 [1397], Vol 11, pp. 33-35
Date Of Surviving Source
Likely Date Of Original Source
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude emphatic - sense of high drama
Length Of Reference78 lines; 20 sentences
Number Of References in Source
Keywordsgalloglasses; galloglach; galloglasses of Connacht; O Conchobhair the Red; Mac William (de [p.35]Burgh), that is Thomas; the sons of Cathal junior O Conchobhair; the sons of Aodh mac Diarmata; Mac Donnchaidh of Tir-Oilella; Aedh Blind -eye, son of Aedh, son of Toirdelbach O Conchobhair; Diarmait Mac Donnchaidh, heir to Tir-Oilella; two sons of Ruaidhri, son of Mailruanaigh Mac Donnchaidh; Feidhlimidh, son of Cathal junior O Conchobhair; sons of Cathal junior O Conchobhair; the Muinter-Duirnin; Mac Domnaill the Galloglass; the sons of mac Domhnaill the Galloglass; hosting; Plain of Connacht; Curragh of Cenn-eithigh; camp; herds; muster; larege horse-host; slain; Corlieu Mountain; spoils; defeat; prey; emcampment; beeves; horses; apparel; Meeting Field; forays; Erne; Vigil of the feast of Mary
Name Of Individual Mentionedgalloglasses of Connacht (AU, 1397.2 [1397], Vol 11, pp. 33-39) - galloclach (AU, 1397.2)