Source Name / Title: AU, 1388.1 [1388], Vol ii, p. 21

Title / NameAU, 1388.1 [1388], Vol ii, p. 21
Date Of Surviving Source
Likely Date Of Original Source
Literary Genre Annal
Authorshipnative Irish
Author's Attitude factual
Length Of Reference4 lines; 2 sentences
Number Of References in Source
Keywordsthe Plain of Connacht and Ard-in-caillin and the Islands of Loch-Caircin; Domhnall Og son of Mac Domhnaill; Domhnaill O Conchobhair; expedition; killed
Name Of Individual MentionedDomhnall Og son of Mac Domhnaill (AU, 1388.1 [1388], Vol ii, p. 21)