Individual(s) / Person(s): Maolmhuire mac Suibhne Fanad

Name, Surname, Sept, Origin
Full NameMaolmhuire mac Suibhne Fanad
Sept SurnameMac Suibhne
Sub-Sept SurnameMac Suibhne Fanad
Family's Place of OriginCastlesween, Knapdale, Kintyre, Scotland
DOB / DOD / FloruitEaster Tuesday (1472 according to the Annals of Ulster- note in LCS); 1472 (AC 1472)
Sobriquet / Epithet/ DiminutiveFanad (AC 1472)
How acquired Sobriquet / Epithet/ Diminutive
Age at Death
Cause of Deathslain in battle
Place of DeathTappaghan (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne, p. 63)
Place of BurialDerry
Foster Family
Title, Inauguration, Opponents, Perception In Society
Titleestablished in "the lordship of his own country" (Leabhar Chlainne Subhne, p. 61) 'Mac Suibhne' (AC 1472); Mac Suibhne Fanad
Duration of Title11 years
Area of Jurisdiction
How Title was AssumedAfter his victory at Ceann Maghair Atha in league with Aodh Ruadh o Domhnaill, Maolmhuire was established in the lordship of his country in the place of Conchubhar Balbh Mac Suibhne and his supporter, Toirrdhealbhach Cairbreach.
Opponents to TitleConchubhar Balbh mac Suibhne
Person Inaugurated ByAodh Ruadh O Domhnaill
Where Inaugurated
Payment for Inauguration
Form Of Military Address
Perception in Society
Fixed Address or Migrant
Status in English Law
Allies, Enemies, Chieftains, Household Retinue
AlliesToirrdhealbhach Cairbreach O Domhnaill
Enemiesthe children of Niall O Domhnaill and Maolmhuire mac Suibhne; O Neill (AC, 1472)
Chieftains Contemporaneous With
Total Household Retinue
Type of Household Retinue
Named Officials in Household
Association with the Learned Class
Parents, Siblings, Spouses, Offspring
Father's NameToirrdhealbhach Ruadh mac Suibhne
Father's DescentToirrdhealbhach Ruadh s. Toirrdhealbhach Caoch s. Maolmhuire Mac Suibhne Fanad s. Murchadh Og s. Murchadh Mear s. Maolmhuire s. Murchadh s. Maolmhuire an Sparain s. Suibhne s. Donnsleibhe s. Aodh Aluinn s. Anradhan
Mother's NameOnora Ni Mhaille
Mother's Descent
Distinguishing Features
Character Traitsthe best man of his age that ever sprung from his family. (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne, p.65)
Full SiblingsDomhnall mac Suibhne, Eoghan Bacach mac Suibhne, Aodh Buidhe mac Suibhne, Murchadh mac Suibhne
Half Siblings 1. From Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh and the daughter of Diarmaid O Domhnaill: Ruaidhri mac Suibhne, Toirrdhealbhach mac Suibhne, Dubhdara mac Suibhne 2. From the daughter of Dubhgall mac Suibhne: Maghus Caoch mac Suibhne 3. From the daughter of O Neill Buidhe
Wives 1. Gráinne, the daughter of O Dochartaigh 2. Onóra Ní Mháille 3. Caitilín Ní Bhaoighill
Wife(s) Descent
Wife(s) Place of Origin
Wifes Character
Wifes Place of Death
Offspring from 1st Marriage1. From Grainne, the daughter of O Dochartaigh: Ruaidhri mac Suibhne, the eldest
Offspring from 2nd Marriage2. From Onora Ni Mhaille: Donnchadh mac Suibhne 'the most famous offspring in the north of Ireland in regard to generosity and prowess' (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne, p. 65)
Offspring from 3rd Marriage3. From Caitilin Ni Bhaoighill: Eoin Bearnach 'of the Gapped Mouth' mac Suibhne.
Offspring From Concubines
Grants, Churches, Monasteries
Number of Grants made to Galloglass(es)
Lands Covered In Grants On the day Maolmhuire was inaugurated he received a grant of the ballybetagh of Gort Cathalaighe 'Gortcally' free of charge. (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne, p. 61)
Person to Whom Grants were Issued Maolmhuire Mac Suibhne
Person Who Issued Grants Aodh Ruadh O Domhnaill
Castles Built during term
Existing Castles used during term
Familys Place of Residence in Ireland
Relationship with the Church
Churches Erected during term
Monasteries Erected during term
Provisions made for Monastery
Prior who Introduced the Community
Foundation Date of Monastery
Name of Order in Monastery
TitleMS 24 p. 25 edited in 1920 by Paul Walsh who titled the MS 'Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne'. (Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne ed. Rev. Paul Walsh (Dublin, 1920) from MS 24 p. 25 in R.I.A. (MS composed between 1513 and circa 1544).)