Battle / Event Title: Mac Donnchaidh and O Conchobhair the brown's camp on the Curragh of Cenn-eitigh

General Details
Name / LocationMac Donnchaidh and O Conchobhair the brown's camp on the Curragh of Cenn-eitigh
Ports / Ships Involved
Classification Political Conflict
ResultMac Donnchaidh was slain;
Long Term ConsequencesWhen O'Concobuir the Brown learned that the defeat was inflicted and Mac Donnchaidh slain and his own encampment gone into their power, he made for the prey of Ua Concobuir the Red and of the sons of Aedh son of Feidhlimidh. And it is not possible to reckon those spoils that be made for their number. And on the Vigil of the first feast of Mary in Harvest Aug. 14 these deeds were done. Feidhlimidh, son of Cathal junior Ua Concobuir and Dubhghall Mac Domnaill went after that defeat to the house of Ua Domnaill and told him news of the defeat [p.37]and asked Ua Domnaill to go with them into Cairpre. Ua Domnaill with his muster came with the sons of Cathal junior. The men of Cairpre and Tir-Oilella mustered against them. Ua Domnaill with his host went to the northern part of Tir-Oilella as far as the Meeting-Field. Houses and crops were burned by them there and the son of Cormac, son of Ruaidhri, was despoiled by them. Maelruanaigh Mac Donnchaidh took the lordship of Tir-Oilella at that time. Compact and alliance were made by Maelruanaigh Mac Donnchaidh and by Ua Domnaill and by the sons of Cathal junior and by Ua Dubhda and by the Eastern Ua hEaghra with each other. Ua Domnaill returned to his own country on that occasion and the sons of Cathal junior and the Muinter-Duirnin and Mac Domnaill the Gallowglass with his sons went into Cairbre in accordance with that compact….Muircertach the Lame, son of Doymnall, was in Fasa-caille at that time and as many of the gallowglasses of Mac Suibhne as came alive from the defeat of the Curragh of Cenn-eitigh were along with him there, under Domnall Mac Suibne and under the Western Ua Eaghra. An offensive march was made by Muircertach the Lame and by all those on the sons of Cathal junior to Lis-in-doill and to Bun-Brenoigi. Ua Domnaill came, with a small force, to join the sons of Cathal and battle was given by them beside Bun-Brenoigi and the battle went against the sons of Cathal. And Marcus Mac Domnaill was slain in it and his son, namely, Dubghall Mac Domnaill and John Mac Sitigh were slain there also and many of the gallowglasses that are not reckoned here. Great forays were [p.39] made by the sons of Domnall, son of Muircertach Ua Concobuir, on the sons of Cathal junior Ua Concobuir and the sons of Cathal were put across the Erne to the far side again. On the Vigil of the great feast of Mary all these deeds were done. (AU, 1397.2)
Individuals Involved in Battle / Eventgalloglasses of Connacht
Forces Involved Details
Forces Involved - Forgalloglasses of Connacht; O Conchobhair the Red; Mac William (de [p.35]Burgh), that is Thomas; the sons of Cathal junior O Conchobhair; the sons of Aedh mac Diarmata
Forces Involved - AgainstMac Donnchaidh of Tir-Oilella; Aedh Blind -eye, son of Aedh, son of Toirdelbach O Conchobhair; Diarmait Mac Donnchaidh, heir to Tir-Oilella; two sons of Ruaidhri, son of Mailruanaigh Mac Donnchaidh
Place of Galloglass in Forces Involved
Victory / Defeat / Neithervictory
Casulties For: Dead
Casulties For - Wounded
Casulties Against: DeadMac Donnchaidh; Aodh Blind -eye, son of Aodh, son of Toirdhealbach O Conchobhair; Diarmait Mac Donnchaidh, that is, the future king of Tir-Oilella; two sons of Ruaidhri, son of Mailruanaigh mac Donnchaidh; Art, son of Cathal Mac Donnchaidh the Cleric; Cu-aithne, son of Cu-aithne O Conchobhair; Mac Suibne, Constable of Connacht; Donnchadh mac Suibne; Donnsleibe mac Suibne; Conchobhair mac Suibne; many others were slain: that it is not possible to reckon for their number
Casulties Against - Wounded
Galloglass Specific Details
Hereditary or New Recruit
Role in Battlesignificant
Tactics Employed
Style of Dress
Employment Status
Employer's Name
Employer's Ethnicity
Employer's Status
Payment Details
Type of Payment
Form of Payment
When was Payment Received
Technical Term of Payment
Location for Collection of Payment - For Employer
Collector of Payment - For Employer
Collector of Payment - For Employee
Payment for Employee
Fines for Breach of Contract
Person to Whom Fine was payable
Presence of Horses in Battle / Event a large horse host was used by the galloglasses (AU, 1397.2)
Hostages and Opponents Details
Hostages Taken
Hostages Taken - Form of Ransom
Hostages Taken - Place of Imprisonment
Hostages Taken - Date of Release
Opponents Hostages
Opponents Hostages - Form of Ransom
Opponents Hostages - Place of Imprisonment
Opponents Hostages - Date of Release
Opponents Dress
Opponents Weaponry
Opponents Trophies
TitleAU, 1397.2 [1397], Vol 11, pp. 33-35