Battle / Event Title: murder

General Details
Name / Locationmurder
Ports / Ships Involved
Cause treachery and deceit for a price
Classification murder
ResultAodh Ua Conchobhair the Brefnian, worthy heir of the arch-king of Connacht and the son of a king the best that came from Murchadh, son of Brian (Boruma), downwards, was killed by Johnock mac Uibhilin: that is a mercenary that was kept by himself [as a bodyguard]
Long Term Consequences
Individuals Involved in Battle / EventJohnock mac Uibhilin
Forces Involved Details
Forces Involved - ForJohnock mac Uibhilin
Forces Involved - AgainstAodh Ua Conchobhair the Breifnian
Place of Galloglass in Forces Involved1st of 4
Victory / Defeat / Neithervictory
Casulties For: Dead
Casulties For - Wounded
Casulties Against: DeadAodh Ua Conchobhair the Breifnian
Casulties Against - Wounded
Galloglass Specific Details
Hereditary or New Recruit
Role in Battlesignificant
Tactics Employed
Style of Dress
Weaponrya short handled axe (See Encounter 2 for 247)
Employment Statustemporary - until he killed Aodh Ua Conchobhair
Employer's NameAodh Ua Conchobhair the Breifnian
Employer's EthnicityIrish
Employer's Status Chieftain - worthy heir of the arch-king of Connacht
Payment Details
Type of Payment
Form of Payment buana - a soldier paid party in money, partly
When was Payment Received
Technical Term of Payment
Location for Collection of Payment - For Employer
Collector of Payment - For Employer
Collector of Payment - For Employee
Payment for Employee
Fines for Breach of Contract
Person to Whom Fine was payable
Presence of Horses in Battle / Event
Hostages and Opponents Details
Hostages Taken
Hostages Taken - Form of Ransom
Hostages Taken - Place of Imprisonment
Hostages Taken - Date of Release
Opponents Hostages
Opponents Hostages - Form of Ransom
Opponents Hostages - Place of Imprisonment
Opponents Hostages - Date of Release
Opponents Dress
Opponents Weaponry
Opponents Trophies
TitleAU, 1306/10, p. 417
TitleAU, 1307/11, p.421